Volume 8.

English Country House Style

This month on The Edit, we explore the timeless charm of the English country home: discover the new guard of designers bringing these traditions into the 21st century with a captivating air of eccentricity.

The English Country House style puts home at the heart. It is fluid and forgiving, flexing with current trends and ever evolving. It can be recognised through its eclectic mix of furniture including a high proportion of European antiques and the odd oriental peice, an inviting array of patterned fabric and sumptuous sofas, fancy lamps, mix matched rugs and an air of informal grandeur. The styles unrestrictive nature has made it a steadfast turn to of both city and countryside dwellers alike.

Whilst the English country house look may traditionally be associated with heavy antique furnishings and dusty table lamps with fabric shades, the style has entered the 21st century with a decidedly modern and luxe feel. Explore some of the finest places in London and beyond that have adopted this trend, including original countryside houses as well as more modern spaces.

Here is our roundup of sixteen of the most stunning interiors in the English Country House style. Take a look and get inspired to add some classic British charm to your own interiors.