Volume 7.

Moroccan Design

It’s not just the rich, jewelled colour palettes, intricate geometric patterns and craftsmanship on display in the souks and medinas of Marrakech and Tangier that are heaven for interior design mavens, these bohemian enclaves have a decadent history with its own distinctive style that can also inspire your home.

Sitting between Europe and Africa, the rich Moroccan style is a culmination of religious diversity, culture, geography and climate that has always intrigued the creative ; Yves Saint Laurent, Matisse and Christopher Gibbs, to name a few. Influences from the north, west, south and east, result in a unique and inspirational style specific to Morocco, which can be seen through earthy textures, bright colours, decorative patterns and intricate carvings. For the inquisitive, Morocco and especially Tangiers, is a heady mix of eccentricity, adventure and elegance; a place in which to dream.

From Marrakech to Tangier, we discover some of the most beautifully designed riads in the country. Get inspired and start planning your trip now.

Take a look at our list of sixteen of the most picturesque Moroccan interiors, and get inspired to add a touch of Tangier to your own home or project.