Volume 6.

Art Deco

This month we look back to the sophisticated world of Art Deco. Inspired by the recent exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum in London, which explored the golden age of the cruise liner, we look at how the rarefied world of the cruise ship led to a revolution in interiors and discover the unlikely legacy of Streamline Moderne.

Art Deco can be traced back to the glamour of the roaring twenties and evolved into a major design movement that lasted until the 1940s and influenced architecture, jewellery, illustration, fashion, cars and of course interior design. Rich materials, fine craftsmanship and modernist styles make for a luxurious melting pot of distinctive shapes, geometric motifs and sleek lines that can be incorporated into both contemporary luxury and traditional styles of interior decor.

Inspiration for the Art Deco style can be found across London in East End cinemas, uptown restaurants and luxury hotels, and palatial private residences. We take a tour of the best Art Deco interiors in England's capital city.

Art Deco doesnt have to be dark and dripping in gold to make an impact. Browse our selection of interiors spaces that prove the versatility of Art Deco, and the myriad ways in which even the smallest and most modest elements of the style can be incorporated into a range of homes.