Volume 5.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid century design gave European modernism a new lease of life, with an appeal that saw the style migrate across the globe and become one of the 20th century's most popular and enduring styles. Read on for our introduction in this months The Edit.

The term Mid-century modern was coined by author Cara Greenberg and used to discuss the now iconic furniture and design movement of the period between 1945 and the late1960s. The style is governed by practicality and defined by clean lines, accented with smooth curves and highlighted by brass and punches of colour. 

Famous examples of mid century modern design and achitecture can be found all over the world, but London plays host to many of the finest examples of the movement and its legacy. Six examples from the UK's capital city display the style in it's original form, and with a contemporary take.

The mid-century movement is known for its breadth both in terms of geography, with major developments taking place across Europe and the Americas, but also in style, with each school developing its own distinct design language. Here we look across the range of approaches, and how to match it with contemporary design styles.