Volume 3.

Haute Bohemian

Take a look at the homes of the modern avant-garde through the lens of acclaimed interiors photographer Miguel Flores-Vianna, as we explore the unique and eclectic interiors featured in his book, Haute Bohemians.

Haute Bohemian is an expression of lifestyle and the antidote of design for design's sake. Celebrating the richness and intricacies of life, it is primarily formed from the individual beliefs and values of its creator, whether they be grand or modest. Haute Bohemian exemplifies style, charm and above all authenticity of personality. Examples, as shown in Miguel Flores-Vianna book Haute Bohemians, can be seen from country cottages and beach bungalows, to chateaux and country estates.

If peeking into the private residences of Miguel Flores-Vianna’s friends has awakened your inner bohemian, there are plenty of restaurants, bars and museums where you can find inspiration or merely soak up the atmosphere. We’ve shared some of our favourite examples of interiors that embody the contemporary bohemian spirit.

Wander through our edit of the eclectic interiors captured by Miguel Flores-Vianna's lens. Be inspired by luxury silk-velvet patchwork quilts and Islamic ceramic tiles mounted as framed wall art, and enjoy the contradiction of a Jimi Hendrix poster nestling alongside a floor-to-ceiling medieval tapestry. Absorb the creative energy of the avant-garde and experiment with mixing and matching to create a Haute Bohemian interior that is personal to you.