Volume 2.

Scandinavian Modern

With designs that blend simple minimalist forms with natural materials such as leather and wood, the Scandinavian modern style has a versatility that sits well with a wide range of interiors, whether they be vintage, retro or contemporary. We look at the source of its enduring appeal.

Scandinavian modern design is a movement that began in the 1930s with a heyday that lasted until the 1970s. The style is defined by the clean lines and elegant shapes of modernist design infused with the warmth of Scandinavian cultural influences, and use of natural, often sculpted wood with rich grain, a neutral colour palette and spaces bathed with Nordic light.

Its timeless forms sit elegantly with a multitude of design styles. Find out how to incorporate it into your personal spaces.

Simple lines, practical forms and hardwearing materials give the Scandinavian Modern style functionality combined with a refined aesthetic that not all others can boast. These six locations demonstrate the practical beauty of Scandinavian modern design.

Centred on simplicity, Scandinavian Modern design focuses on natural materials and uncomplicated forms, excecuted with a high level of craftsmanship. Here, we look at how sixteen interiors interpret the style.