Volume 1.

Sixteen Splendid Hollywood Regency Interiors

Hollywood Regency draws on vintage design styles such as Rococo, Chinoiserie and Art Deco to drive contemporary luxury tastes. Here, we see how four of its key design elements reflect its rich heritage and spirit in this collection of Hollywood Regency spaces.

Roberto Cavalli’s decadent décor.

Credit: www.robertocavalli.com


Roberto Cavalli is famed for his flamboyant interpretation of fashions, with tactile furniture in a variety of tones and finishes, particularly velvet. Even in a relatively muted room, textured seating like his mink chaise longues are certain to draw the eye.

Signature tones of red permeate the interiors of the Gramercy Park Hotel, New York City.

Credit: www.hg2.com

International hotelier Ian Schrager is known for his 'rock and roll baroque' style of interior decor (HR by any other name...), with as much consideration paid to passionate colours as forms. Much like the bold seating at the Gramercy Park, these Italian velvet cocktail chairs make a statement out of classy reclining.

The iconic Greenbrier Hotel is the crowning achievement of decorator Dorothy Draper and her successor, Carleton Varney.

Credit: www.ingalls.info

Dorothy Draper’s nous for colourful romanticism did much to Americanise the European traditions she drew on when designing the Greenbrier during the 1940s post-war era. Rightfully regarded as a Hollywood Regency touchstone, homage can be paid to her through the colourful upholstery of this three-seater sofa.

Even amongst the varied tones of the Academicians’ Room at the Royal Academy of Art, the blue still stands out.

Credit: www.beyond-bespoke.com, shot by James McDonald

Blue velvet possesses a versatility that moves from subtle, earthy schemes and minimalist palettes to grandiose statement rooms with ease. The velvet Italian sofa, whilst making a statement all of its own, seamlessly enhances any well curated room.


Bar carts blur the boundaries between practicality and decoration.

Credit: www.anthropologie.com

Hollywood Regency explores aristocratic tastes, with high polished gold metal accents turning even the most everyday items of furniture and accessories, such as a bar cart or serving trolley into symbol of luxury. Yet it also stands for thoughtful design, as demonstrated by our 1960s example.

A Willy Rizzo home decor scheme circa the 1960s – 70s. Credit: www.mrporter.com

Dynamism, sensuality and celebrity came to define the life of Willy Rizzo, who rose to prominence as a photographer of café society and Hollywood’s great and good. Turning to furniture design later in his career, lighting accessories such as these table lamps exude fabulous taste and Italian modernity.

Intricate metal furnishings and fixtures give character to this residential interior.

Credit: www.morpheuslondon.com

Bold design and luxe metals – or the suggestion thereof – are normally at the heart of Hollywood Regency design. As it crossed over with mid-century style, more streamlined and geometric items of furniture, such as this octagonal coffee table, gained in prominence and appeal.

Brass tables and accessories fill the room at Tom Dixon’s Sandwich Cafe.

Credit: tomdixon.net

Hollywood Regency has made constant bedfellows of brass furniture and geometry for decades. Side tables, such as this French pair, communicate this exuberance at a scale that complements, rather than overwhelms, the overall look.

Natural Artifice

Gold abounds amongst the accessories of this living room.

Credit: www.thedecorista.com

Recasting natural forms to deliberately flaunt good taste and convention is but one of the methods by which Hollywood Regency stands out. Recreate the style with statement accessories and lighting, such as the Maison Jansen palm tree floor lamp in brass – it’s a perfect evocation of tropical / Floridian motifs and the American fondness for making whimsical statements.

A modernist living room adorned with Hollywood Regency-style furniture.

Credit: www.madeindesign.com

Other ornaments and accessories include chintzy animal sculptures such as the table ducks above, which bring a similar boldness to one’s décor, making it useless to even question the choice. So there’s no need to defend the indulgence of the Hollywood Regency metal flamingo sculpture – it’s not there for anyone’s approval.

Dark tones mix with eclectic sculptures, geometric fabric patterns and a burnished, sharply designed coffee table.

Credit: tomineshjem.blogspot.com

Glossy, reflective surfaces wrap the exteriors of Hollywood Regency furniture purely to remind the users of their good looks and stylish appetites. Lara Bohinc’s lustrous Half Moon dining table, is a modern luxury classic, with robust distinctive marbles in a geometric mosaic and gold finished borders.

A mixture of elegant and figural furnishings offsets a boldly yellow-hued entrance.

Credit: DKOR Interiors via www.homeadore.com

Given the Californian provenance of the aesthetic, Regency Moderne’s taste for the theatrical and playful should surprise absolutely no one. As film directors fashion ordinary people into impossible stars, so do designers like Lara Bohinc transform everyday objects – nature and man-made – into statement pieces of decorative art, like her dental treasure, the Venturi Tooth Fairy Vase No.2.


Carole Radziwill’s New York apartment’s entrance emphasises adventurous textures, gold / brown tones and a sputnik chandelier.

Credit: www.architecturaldigest.com

The atomic age reflected the adventurousness of the post-war world, as well as its anxieties. Design looked to the stars above, and the sputnik shape – seen above in chandelier form – became one of the most recognisable décor motifs of the 1950s and 60s. The contemporary sputnik light is a recreationclassic mid-century design that became an interiors icon.

Colourful abstract art hangs over a reflective console table.

Credit: www.lonny.com

The colourful character of Hollywood Regency translates naturally to painted brushstrokes and abstract art for a more curated take on design. One such example is the Opportunity Cushion by Claire Gaudion, featuring the expressive work of artist Michelle Hold.

A Chinoiserie design is the statement piece in this elegant living room.

Credit: www.kellywearstler.com

LA based design star Kelly Wearstler's Hollywood Regency design schemes traverse the globe, mixing classic antiques with contemporary accessories. The black lacquer cabinet is one such tradition that always creates a talking point as well as an aura of educated class.

Yellow David Jiminez stools pick up on the intricate frame design of the room’s bold wallpaper.

Credit: www.mylusciouslife.com

Finally, what is Hollywood Regency without a dose of bold patterned wallpaper and furnishings? Those that wish to take this step a little more lightly may find themselves drawn to Lara Bohinc’s intricate bookend, designed for Skultuna’s London Collection.

Hollywood Regency picks on Kairos
A 1970s Hollywood Regency large coffee table in silver chrome and gold brass finish, featuring a smokey mirror box base and glass top in the style of Paul Evans
A large box shaped pair of armchairs, covered in parchment with white leather cushions by R&Y Augosti Paris. Circa 1980's
A British contemporary sculptural white feather palm tree floor lamp, resplendent with exquisite ostrich feather foliage and a gold leaf base.
A large 1950s Italian pineapple ice bucket or cooler with rare hinged top and silver plate interiors lining and underside.
An early 1970s dining table chrome and brass base resting on Regency style lion paws feet with smoked glass top.
A large 1970s Italian Romeo Rega style smoked glass mirror, with brass frame surround.
A late 19th century Chinoiserie black lacquer with hardstone and ivory mounted two door side cupboard made in 1890.