Volume 1.

Hollywood Regency

Inspired by Art Deco, Rococo and Chinoiserie design, Hollywood Regency is epitomised by luxury furnishings and accessories that are high on glamour with bold colour palettes and polished glass and metal accents. We take a look at the style from its origins in the homes of Hollywood's Golden Era stars, to its international Renaissance and explore the ways you can make it work in your home.

Hollywood Regency design has its roots in the Californian interiors of Hollywood’s golden era, with refined glamour symbolised through bright polished metals and lacquered wood juxtaposed against modernist forms, and neoclassical decoration alongside bold colour and strong patterns. This style can be turned up or toned down, but creating the perfect balance needs consideration.

Hollywood Regency, or as it’s also known, Regency Moderne, is characterised by bold, sumptuous design that is flamboyant and luxurious, yet has a refined aesthetic. The style of decor graced the homes of the Hollywood elite during America’s Golden Age of Cinema. Here, we look at modern interpretations of the style with looks that embrace adventurous patterns and shapes constructed with the finest materials.

Hollywood Regency draws on vintage design styles such as Rococo, Chinoiserie and Art Deco to drive contemporary luxury tastes. Here, we see how four of its key design elements reflect its rich heritage and spirit in this collection of Hollywood Regency spaces.