Make Earth Day Count - A Furniture Lover's Perspective

Make Earth Day Count - A Furniture Lover's Perspective

You might have heard it numerous times, from your geography teacher, documentary films, or the article you scrolled past on social media, that the Earth is in serious danger. You might have acted upon it, planting trees, making donations. In the spirit of Earth Day 2017, it’s time to raise your time to another level - change your attitude and keep quality living in your mind.

Protecting the environment doesn’t mean you’d have to make big sacrifices. Here is the secret: where you live is defined by how you live. The Earth deserves better, so does your life.

John Lautner’s Schaffer Residence built in California, 1949, featuring Jean Pourvé’s Standard Chair and Antony Desk Lamp by Serge Mouille (Joe Fletcher)

In the age of commercialism, consumer goods are produced in large quantities and low prices based on the assumption that one’s possessions can be easily replaced. The abundance of choices seems attractive, but think about it - low production costs greatly compromise the quality of the goods. Compounded with the considerable amount of space they occupy, we end up in a paradox where the more we have, the worse living conditions we are in.

At Kairos, we believe in something long-lasting. A designer armchair made in the 1950s combines a timeless, Modernist aesthetic with craftsmanship that makes it durable and user-friendly. With time comes the chance for user to develop a deeper engagement with the furniture, which makes for a more expressive living space. By collecting vintage, premium furniture you are also doing the planet a big favour. Fewer of these beautiful pieces go to the landfill, and the world as a whole wastes less material and energy on the production of new items.

Don’t just celebrate Earth Day, make it a year-round effort to make the world and your home a better place.