5 Things You Should Do at Art Basel 2017

5 Things You Should Do at Art Basel 2017

With so many gems packed in just a few days, navigating Art Basel always takes some planning. Here we’ve hand-picked the most anticipated sights to give you a head start.

1. Immerse Yourself in Roomfuls of Art

Because why would you be there otherwise? Some of our favourites this year come from Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art from New York. It showcases Abstract Expressionist paintings by Josef Albers and Frank Stella, as well as Andy Warhol’s Jackie, all of which complement our mid-century furniture pieces. Up-and-coming art regions are another major theme. Fine examples include the Egyptian Gypsum Gallery introducing Maha Maamoun’s playful take on commonplace objects, and also underrated Romanian artists presented by Galeria Plan B.

Jackie (1964) by Andy Warhol (Art Basel)

2. See More Artworks, But Be Blown Away by Their Size

It’s not Guilliver’s Travels, but the Unlimited Section of Art Basel, dedicated to gigantic works, video projection and live performances. Lévy Gorvy’s Reality Hacking No. 313 consists of five colossal wooden pillars carved from a chainsaw, conveying dominance of the establishment over individuals. Yesterday’s Sandwich by Boris Mikhailov reminisces life in the USSR from a more inquisitive perspective. The photo slideshow’s grand dimensions surely remind viewers of a regime so monumental that it dwarfs the human figures inside.

Yesterday’s Sandwich (1970) by Boris Mikhailov (Art Basel)

3. Explore the City

The Parcours Section gives visitors a great excuse to escape the confines of the maze of gallery booths and meander around Basel’s breathtaking historical quarters, where 22 site-specific artworks are waiting to be discovered. Look out for Acadia by Marcus Selg on your treasure hunt. His installation combines the organic and manmade, real and virtual though digital printing on a tapestry. Eminent Ai Weiwei works along the same line with Iron Tree, a tree sculpture constructed from stray roots and branches in China.

The historic architecture of Basel are the best backdrop for artistic talents from across the globe (Manfred Kielnhofer)

4. Join the Conversations

Enlightening talks and panel discussions have always been the highlight of Art Basel. Our recommend this year, Wilhelm Schürmann and Susanne Titz will provide useful insights to aspiring collectors about where to start and how to develop an art collection with personality. Another interesting topic revolves around Jerusalem Lives, the inaugural exhibition at the new Palestinian Museum led by curator Reem Fadda. The best part of all? Everything will be live streamed on YouTube so you can take notes from the comforts of your sofa.

The in-depth Conversations Series are now open to a global audience thanks to live streaming services. (Art Basel)

5. Go Beyond Art Basel

Art and design junkies who can’t get enough inspirations from just one fair will discover much more in the city this week. Book your ticket to Design Miami, Basel Edition for a look at refined furniture and decorative arts curated by Thom Browne. Rio de Janeiro dealer Mercade Moderno features alluring Brazilian Modern designs by the likes of José Zanine Caldas and Joaquim Tenreiro which are less spotted in Europe. We also love the assemblage of Pierre Jeanneret, Jean Royère and Serge Mouille by the Paris-based Laffanour. Wrap up your trip with Photo Basel, add a cool edge to your walls at home with the stylish photographic prints there.

Jean Prouvé’s 6x9 Demountable House is on display by Galerie Patrick Seguin at Design Miami, Basel Edition (Design Miami)

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