5 Interior Escapes from London’s Concrete Jungle

5 Interior Escapes from London’s Concrete Jungle

London is thrilling, stimulating, and dashing, but at times, it becomes necessary to find some respite from the hectic pace of the city. Here is our list of five London interior spaces inspired by nature, perfect for whenever you need to leave all your stress behind. From hearty cafe to mid-century modern dining rooms, we show you where to go to escape the concrete jungle.

1. Social Fuel Cafe

This cosy cafe is located in one of Battersea's most iconic buildings, the 19th-century Candle Factory that is now home to a Barker & Stonehouse store. To many, Social Fuel is London's most comfortable coffee shop, and its rustic appeal (featuring reclaimed wooden furniture, exposed brick walls, and a selection of healthy but tantalising treats) seems to attract interior design professionals from all over the city.

socil fuel cafe
Mixing rich coffee aromas with accents of wood in the interior, Social Fuel hits the sweet spot between vibrancy and relaxation (Barker & Stonehouse)

2. The Culpeper

Gone are the days when pubs were dark and damp spaces, and The Culpeper is proof of that. The venue has a central location in Spitalfields and boasts plenty of natural light, an uncluttered layout, and a great deal of greenery. But sustainable design is where the Culpeper excels: the pub offers stunning views of the city's skyline from its roof garden, and its greenhouse is open to private bookings between November and April.

the culpeper
Enjoy blue skies, a greenery-covered atmosphere and leisurely vibes at the rooftop greenhouse at The Culpeper (The Culpeper)

3. Aveqia

Aveqia is a Farringdon events venue that boasts authentic Scandinavian modern design in a low-key yet elegant environment. It specialises in corporate entertainment and team-building activities with a gastronomic focus: come here with your colleagues and you'll get to prepare a tasting menu together. When it's time to sample your culinary creations, you can do so at a dining room featuring fine wooden furniture and a tasteful take on the mid-century modern and Scandinavian modern styles.

Wooden furniture in soothing Nordic tones makes cooking and dining at Aveqia a delightful occasion (Aveqia)

4. The Forge

The Forge is a unique socialising space that invites you to relax and unwind in the heart of Camden. It has an attractive music and cultural programme, but the key attraction lies in its award-winning sustainable design. The 21-feet living wall, the unmissable highlight of the establishment, complements the liveliness performances. It also features solar panels, a covered courtyard, and the use of wood and brick to enhance the venue's acoustic quality.

the forge
The Forge is a breath of fresh air in Camden with its wall of plants adjacent to the performance space (The Forge)

5. Sky Garden

Sky Garden opened two years ago to the public with expectation as high as its 35th floor location. This recreational-social destination attracts modern design lovers with its sleek dome, in addition to green elements like natural ventilation, beautifully landscaped indoor gardens, and planted terraces. Gatherings are easily accommodated at the equally inspirational Sky Pod Bar, which offers sweeping views of the city.

sky garden
The excitingly uncanny experience to be surrounded by the tropical jungle and panoramas of London is unique to Sky Garden. (Sky Garden)

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