Tanguy Rolin

Tanguy Rolin

Arch 8, 1 Crucifix Lane, London SE1 3JW

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 3290 8102

Email: sales@thekairoscollective.com

With a background in finance, Belgium-born Tanguy Rolin has always had an eye for the unique interior piece. After giving up his Canary Wharf commute to pursue his passion for design, he now runs the ‘Tanguy Rolin Gallery’, residing in the beautiful arches that lie beneath the Shard next to London Bridge.

Tanguy is always on the look out for the next interior treasure to adorn his gallery and his home, finding designs that seduce and suprise. With a distinguished name in the design world and a wide breadth of knowledge, Tanguy has a great reputation for his emphasis on promoting design as art.

Transitioning between the traditional design gallery set-up and the exquisite interior of his home to display many of his finds, Tanguy showcases an array of twentieth century furniture and objects by architects, decorateurs and designers. He specialises in Serge Mouille lampadaires and contemporary furniture, specifically the great Gerard Kuijpers and Richard Woods.

Uncovering and lovingly restoring his finds to their former glories, Tanguy takes pride in the fact that each piece in his collection has a story to tell; encased in the cultural context of its time. He wants buyers to fill their homes with beautiful designs that tell an alluring aesthetic tale of their origins.

Tanguy has a great reputation for his emphasis on promoting design as art.

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