Fipé Gouge-Merrall

Fipé Gouge-Merrall

STORGATAN 6B , Heby, Upplands, 74432 , Sweden

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 3290 8102


Born in Australia and living in Sweden, Gouge-Merrall is an artist with a focus on painting and drawing. Using a variety of materials, such as charcoal, watercolours, oil pastels and coloured chalk on paper, her work primarily explores abstract landscapes and the human figure, using line, colour and texture.

Inspired by artists including Modigliani, Kandinsky and Giacometti, Gouge-Merrall has a particular interest in Egon Shiele's style of nudes and their expressive detailed lines. She also cites Francis Bacon's artworks and use of colour as an inspiration.

Amongst other influences, Gouge-Merrall includes past/present experiences of her life, music, books, other artists, travelling and colour.

She has exhibited internationally in London, Sweden and Holland. We are proud to present a selection of her work on The Kairos Collective.