About us

The Kairos Collective

Homes are an immersive expression of the self, but unlike putting together an outfit that expresses our mood that day, an interior takes years, if not a lifetime to perfect. Like haircuts, lovers and jobs, our possessions have the power to pinpoint a singular moment in our lives. That's why furnishing a home is not a task, it's an ongoing journey that changes as you do.

When you find an extraordinary piece of furniture it can feel as though it was waiting for you all along – that you didn't choose it, but it chose you. The Kairos Collective brings you these moments of discovery. It empowers design-lovers to develop their own aesthetic and to navigate the design world with finesse.

We are a curated marketplace for the home, bringing together the best of London’s many different design neighbourhoods into one online design district. We believe in well-made pieces that last for life, not disposable quick fixes. We open eyes by opening doors to the homes of people who inspire us – designers, artists, thinkers and leaders – to explore the narrative of their personal space.

We cut the clutter so you can take charge of your interiors.

The Kairos Collective #YourHomeYourRules