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The Kairos Collective

The Antique, Vintage & Contemporary Design Marketplace

“I believe that shopping for your home is about creating stories and memories. The brand celebrates the uniqueness and the individuality of its dealers, designers and their curated products. The word Kairos means “the supreme moment” in Greek – moments in our day, week, month, year or lifetime that define us. We call them ‘Kairos Moments’.
The Kairos Collective is a platform for interior design professionals, collectors and those who are simply passionate about beautiful home furnishings, to access the pinnacle of antique, vintage and contemporary design on demand."

From furniture and lighting to accessories and limited editions, the Kairos Collective’s inventory is carefully selected from established and emerging dealers and designers throughout the UK. We list iconic designs from names including Philip Arctander, Sergio Rodrigues and Jean Royere alongside unusual decorative antiques.

In addition to Antique & Vintage pieces, The Kairos Collective has partnered with prominent designers and artists to produce exclusive limited edition designs. Forthcoming ‘Kairos Editions’ include designs by Campbell Rey, Nir Meiri, Sussy Cazalet, and Joanna Plant.

Brought together on one easy to navigate platform, searchable by everything from price to period, the site allows visitors to shop the UK’s foremost ‘design districts’, enabling them to access the unique aesthetic of the country’s foremost hubs for design and antiques in one place.

“A key part of The Kairos Collective’s vision is to make high-quality design accessible to a wider audience. The brand will be the first high-end decorating marketplace to offer purchases through monthly instalments.
The Kairos Collective believes in showing courage in personal taste, investing in key items, with a focus on craftsmanship and style. Treasured pieces of furniture passed from one generation to the next, like works of art, have regained their relevance. In a world where everything has become ubiquitous, having a one-of-a-kind antique or a bespoke piece of design for the home is the ultimate expression of good taste.”

Tanya Southworth, Founder of The Kairos Collective

The Kairos Collective